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Attack on Female Reproductive Freedom

Child Hunger

Sexual Assault

State of our Education System

Attacks on women, breast feeding in public, sexuality, minorities, animals, humans, etc. This list could go on forever. These are things that worry me, things that cause anger, anxiety, stress, sadness, and hopelessness inside of me. After many hours (who are we kidding, many days perhaps years) of worry, I came to the conclusion that the only way to cope with all the above and possibly the only way to change it is with love and compassion. I have this in spades with my clients, but it seems to be more difficult when the people are not in front of me, explaining their actions, exposing their soles and imperfections. This means it is important for me to focus on, daily. I cannot change the world with hatred and anger (or with scare tactics & aggression on facebook), I can only pass along my compassion and passion for fairness and equality. I can only continue to embrace people with love and continue to believe people are ultimately good.

When I was in graduate school a professor asked each of us if people were ultimately good or ultimately evil. Many philosophers and psychologist have debated this idea. At the time, I naively state “they are good!”. My opinion has changed with my growth in this field. I now believe that humans that you can interact with on a one on one level are overwhelmingly good natured, but unfortunately when humans group together they can turn “evil”. Obviously they do not believe themselves to be evil, but many times they are treating a group of people unjustly and unfairly and sometimes inhumanely. It is a blindness that occurs within groups where without the benefit of one on one contact to increase one’s empathy for another, their goals can become skewed and all but forgotten.

My next paragraph was going to be about pointing out the groups that are doing good and helping others but unfortunately after attempting to research the groups that came to mind, every one of them was clouded with greed, fiscal confusion and powerful business or govermental backing. Are there any groups of people working towards the good of humanity? I’m not sure. But what I do know for sure is there are people who are good and who work towards bettering society. I am one of them. You are one of them. It’s starts with just one person, showing another person compassion and dignity. It’s starts with YOU. Don’t ignore the injustice in the world, but don’t let it cloud and rule you day. Work towards loving yourself and your neighbor and your children and your animals and the person next to you on the bus and the person checking you out at the grocery store and the person working in the HOT weather to build our roads and buildings. Say thank you to more people than you did yesterday. Say thank you to your parents. Say thank you to your partner. Say thank you to your internal organs. Spread the love, there are already too many people spreading the hate. Spread the LOVE (it’s more difficult, but pays better).

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