Partner relationship concerns includes exploring the how’s, why’s and what’s of your sexual partnership. Sometimes in a relationship, one person may want sex more often or less often than their partner. This can happen due to an array of reasons, such as a traumatic event in one partner’s history, a significant life change (such as pregnancy, job stress, location changes), or a drop in intimacy and connection in the relationship. I can help the partners explore what is happening in their relationship, what they would prefer to happen and how to come together again to make this happen.

This practice is also open to couples who are interested in exploring “non-traditional” relational structures such as swinging, polyamory, kink and asexual relationships.

Swinging/Open: When a committed couple agrees to partake in sexual encounters with other partners, both together and/or alone. Usually the couple consists of two individuals. Active continuous communication is very important for couples who participate in swinging. These terms are very fluid and are up to the partnership to decide how they identify or define their relationship.

Polyamory: Means to love more than one. This can be in emotional, sexual or spiritual ways.

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