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I specialize in Sex Therapy and Transgender Therapy. This is ALL I do. I am not a general therapist who has some knowledge in all areas, I focus on these two areas only, in order to give you the most personalized and educated care possible.

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So, What is Sex Therapy?

Well, it covers an array of sexual and/or gender topics. In the first session, we will discuss what brought you into the office and complete an initial assessment. This will include completing a sexual or gender history and a personal history. After this is completed, it will be determined by the client and therapist together what is the goal of therapy and how we will begin working towards it. One can expect to attend 8 to 20 sessions, depending on the severity of the issue. I recommend attending therapy once a week for at least the first month and then every other week if finances are a concern. I realize that not everyone can commit to therapy 2-4 times a month, so an individualized schedule is absolutely possible.

What to expect in Therapy:

During the first few sessions, you and I will discuss what has been working and what has been a struggle. I do not want to reinvent the “wheel” so we will make small edits/changes to your daily routine until you feel as though things are beginning to get better. I utilize an eclectic therapeutic style that is very focused on 4 main quadrants of the Self: the mind, the emotions, the body and the spirit. And most importantly, I will make you feel heard and understood. Your life and your emotions and your struggles are so very real and I see YOU. Your pain is real, and so is your pleasure. I will help you find more pleasure in life by opening your definitions and experiences.

Hope and change is possible and I want to help you find this. Still wondering if I cover the issue bringing you in? Here’s an exhaustive list of what I cover and what I do not.

Sexual Trauma
Gender Identity Questions
Gender Expression Exploration
Gender Dysphoria
Hormone and Surgery Referral Letters
Sexual Satisfaction (both alone and with partner)
Sexual Orientation Exploration
Pain with intercourse
Desire and Arousal Issues
Performance issues
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature/Rapid Ejaculation
Delayed Ejaculation
Nontraditional/Poly/Open Relationships
Sexual Health Education

Not at this time:
*I have referrals for highly trained therapists in these areas and will gladly refer you to someone who has the adequate training to work in a sex positive way in regards to these areas:
Out of Control Sexual Behavior/Sexual addiction
Sexual exploitation
Sexual Offenders

*Sex therapy is NOT a service where sexual acts are performed. Your Sex Therapist is not your friend (while I am very friendly) and cannot be your friend once therapy ends. Sex Therapy is a specialty within Mental Health Counseling.

$175 for individuals
$200 for couples
*There are some discount spots available
$75 Transformations Trans-therapy group

Practice locations:

3160 Main Street #102 Duluth, GA 30096

Contact Tali at 512 766-7789 or tali@sextherapyofatlanta.com

Bio & Experience:

I graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Denver, Colorado and completed a postgraduate Certificate in Sex Therapy at the Colorado School for Family Therapy. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the States of Texas & Georgia, Certified Sex Therapist through AASECT, hold Diplomat status with the American Board of Sexology and a member of the American Counseling Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

I began giving therapy in 2009 by working with individuals and couples in Boulder, CO (2009-2013), then to Austin, TX (2013-present) and finally in Atlanta, GA (2016-present) on issues of gender identity and expression, sexual trauma healing, sexual health learning and development, sexual intimacy exploration, partner/relationship satisfaction, co-occurring mental illnesses and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

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