For women this includes: low sexual desire, vaginismus, orgasmic disorder and dyspareunia. These terms are described below.

For men this includes: sexual desire disorders, rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, orgasmic disorder and erectile dysfunction. These terms are described below.

During our first appointment we will go over your medical, sexual and individual history in a 50 minute intake session. Each follow up will contain more exploration into the issue that brought you in and develop the perfect solution for you. I will educate you as to the reasons why your issue is happening, help you connect to your body, mind and spirit and heal the wounds that have occur along the way. Below is some helpful terms for things that may be ailing you.

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Low sexual desire/arousal: Having a lack of desire for sexual activity or being unable to become aroused before or during a sexual act.

Vaginismus: A painful sexual condition where the outer third of the vagina constricts and interferes with a sexual act or gynecological exam.

Orgasmic disorder: A persistent delay or absence of orgasm.

Dyspareunia: pain during a sexual activity.

Rapid ejaculation: Ejaculating before the desired time with minimal sexual stimulation, sometimes this can occur before touch or penetration begins.

Delayed ejaculation: Delay in ejaculation following a normal sexual excitement act.

Erectile dysfunction: Being unable to achieve and/or maintain an erection.