I see both individuals and couples for sex therapy. Individual adults are more than welcome to have family/partners attend a session or two for support, but the primary focus will be on the individual client.

Couples sex therapy is normally set up as follows: Initial couples session, 2-4 session of individual sessions, back together as a couple to make a therapeutic game plan for what will be helpful and healing for the couple. It is important to note that the focus for couples sessions will always be the couple, and not two individuals; whether the goal is to heal the couple relationship or to help make a healthy and amicable separation. Ideally this means that the goal of the sessions needs to be a shared, common goal by both parties. It is not beneficial to make this goal focused primarily on one individual, but instead to focus on a relational goal benefiting the couple.

I see both individuals and couples for sex therapy, sexual health exploration and transgender therapy at my office in Duluth, GA and virtually for all of Texas and Georgia. See the contact section for the addresses.

Photo credit: Photo by Gerome Viavant on Unsplash