This past Sunday Fox News Austin called me and asked if I would care to comment on the Texas Republican’s decision to add Reparative Therapy to their platform for the next election. At first, I was shocked, I thought momentarily this must be a prank call. But no, after a quick search, it was very true. Take a look at the interview for more.

Many professional health organizations believe this type of therapy to be ineffective and at times even dangerous. It can cause psychological stress to try to change someone at their core. As therapist we are taught to be neutral in the area of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity. When the therapist attempts to change or cure someone’s homosexuality, it can lead to substance abuse, anxiety, depression and even suicide. As licensed therapists it is our duty to offer effective, proven therapy options and to not harm our clients. It is only a matter of time that this therapy will be offered to minors, who do not have the option to “voluntarily” select this therapy. I have heard too many horror stories of this type of therapy and do not wish those experiences on anyone.