Sex therapy covers an array of sexual topics such as sexual trauma, gender identity concerns, gender expression exploration, partner satisfaction, sexual exploration, desire and arousal issues and sexual health exploration. In the first session we will discuss what brought you into the office and complete an initial assessment. This may include filling out a sexual history form, a personal history form and a disclosure form. After this is completed, it will be determined by the client and therapist together what is the goal of therapy and how we will begin working towards it. One can expect to attend 8 to 20 sessions.

Sex therapy is NOT a service where sexual acts are performed. Your Sex Therapist is not your friend and cannot be your friend once therapy ends. Sex Therapy is a specialty within Mental Health Counseling.

I do not provide emergency crisis counseling nor do I return phone calls after 7pm. If you need immediate help, please dial 911 or call your local crisis center.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line: 1-800-715-4225

Travis County: 512-472-HELP (4357) or

Hays County: 1-877-466-0660