Tali has earned the title of Certified Sex Therapist. What does this actually mean? Well in the case of Tali’s education, she applied nearly 250 hours of post graduate school training towards helping her clients navigate their sexual freedoms and healings. She learned from the best of the best in order to help those she helps. Tali started her certification journey in 2012, slowly building in trainings, seminar, conferences, supervision, consultations and books. It might have taken a bit longer due to, well life and kids and building a business, but it feels so wonderful to finally be done. Help congratulate Tali Boots LPC CST on her HUGE accomplishment.

Just to put this in perspective a bit, a master degree is about 50 hours and a doctorate is about 120 hours. Good job Tali!!!

Want to know more about Tali’s education?

2011 Graduated from Argosy University

2011 Earned first Certificate of Sex Therapy from Colorado School for Family Therapy

2013 Became a LPC (licensed professional Counselor) in Texas

2013 Became Diplomate with the American Board of Sexology

2016 Became LPC in Georgia

2021 Earned her Certificate in Sex Therapy from AASECT http://www.aasect.org