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A Dash of Sweet.

by Tali Boots

I had the pleasure to come across a video of Dustin Hoffman speaking about what the movie “Tootsie” meant for him. His thoughts on the pressures of being a beautiful woman are insightful. Something many women face daily within themselves and outside. I really feel as though he learned a great lesson on compassion and […]

Sex Ed.

by Tali Boots

We all remember that day in school when you and your fellow classmates walked down the hall towards the cafeteria, library, or gym, with both excitement and apprehension. Today was SEX ED day. If your school was anything like mine, I can remember it consisting of ONE day where they grouped us by our gender […]

LGBT & Mainstream Music: Do I see a bit of a shift?

by Tali Boots

Radio Deejay Mister Cee recently quit his job after it was disclosed that he sometimes sought the affection of a transgendered individual. He felt it was necessary for him to leave his position at the radio station in order for the station to not lose sponsors or audience members. It is a sad fact of […]

Purpose of this Blog.

by Tali Boots

I am Licensed Professional Counselor who provides sex therapy for individuals and couples in Austin, TX. This blog is an outlet for my personal life views. My personal life views lead me to my profession, but they do not influence my professional relationship with my clients. I allow a safe place for my clients to […]